Adrianna’s dynamic teaching style is an expression of her spirit. Her classes are mindful, playful, encourage curiosity and exploration and are rooted in clear alignment. She chooses to recognise and facilitate the human desire for connection – not only within the body, mind and spirit, but also within our relationships, our communities and nature. With a gentle laugh and smile, Adrianna encourages her students to recognise that despite its transformative value, yoga can present an array of emotions and experiences. Her classes have become a natural space for her students to cultivate a space for self-reflection and to feel what is happening across all layers of the mind-body. A space to explore, discover and return. Read more about Adrianna here!



A nurturing 6 day retreat dedicated to the exploration of spirit through yoga and nature. Adrianna will lead twice daily yoga sessions as well as guided meditation practice plus taking some time for reflection and journaling. Inspiration will be drawn from the majestic view of our Cycladic villa set against the endless see of the Aegean. Morning practices will be deliciously grounding and strengthening while evening ones will be more gentle and restorative. The retreat aims to create a space for you to cultivate knowingness, build your intuition and trust what you discover as you listen to your body and the sounds of the waves.

* All practices are open to all levels from beginners to more advanced yogis and restricted to a small number of guests (8-10).



Combining a holistic approach to wellness with the Greek tradition we have created a bespoke menu which awakens the senses and lifts your spirit. Kicking off the day with energizing snacks and a delicious brunch featuring traditional Greek yogurt, homemade granola, raw tahini, organic thyme honey and a blend of greek superfoods. Cold pressed juices and smoothies will be available for you to enjoy by the pool or to sip before a swim. In between the yoga practices, a revitalizing salad bar will be served at the outdoor dinning table including a special version of the famous Greek salad and the Cretian 'ntako' salad. The dinners will be catered by our local chef, each evening serving a different Kythnos specialty. Let it all go, with herbal infusions and raw cacao promising a good night sleep. 



In between the yoga sessions, walk down the path which leads to the sea and enjoy a refreshing swim or sunbathe on the big flat rocks. There'll also be plenty of time to explore Kythnos magnificent beaches and take a stroll in the lil alleys of Chora. A day trip to the famous double beach of Kolona is a must as it's been featured between the most magnificent beaches of Greece. For the more adventurous, there are plenty of extra activities from diving to hiking in the secret paths of the island and we can help you customize your journey.  



  • 6 island days / 5 nights - luxury accommodation on a seaside villa
  • 2 daily yoga sessions (1h 30min each)
  • Daily guided meditation
  • 3 vegetarian meals (brunch, light lunch, dinner) - Dairy free options available
  • Fresh produce of fruits and vegetables 
  • Yoga equipment (mats, straps, blocks, etc)
  • Group pickup from Kythnos port upon arrival and transfer to the villa & drop off on departure
  • Visit to downtown Kythnos
  • Day trip to Kolona double beach
  • Free wifi access in the villa
  • Housekeeping service
  • Still and sparkling water provided 

* Flights to / from Athens airport and ferry tickets to/ from Kythnos are NOT included


Twin Accommodation: Shared Bedroom w. two single beds & shared bathroom -- 1090€ p/p (Suggested for solo travellers and friends)

Single Accommodation: Private bedroom with ensuite bathroom -- 1790€ p/p

Master Bedroom with sea view and ensuite bathroom. -- 1590€ p/p (Suitable for couples or friends)