Would you like to disconnect from the busyness of your everyday life and experience bliss again? Would you like to rediscover the magic that lives within you? This retreat aims to reawaken your creative energy and realign with your highest Truth. Come reconnect with your joy of life during this transformational experience and enjoy island living in our seaside resort in Koufonisia. The location is ideal to walk everywhere you want and explore! The beach is just 5 minutes away on foot, while the lil’ town is a beautiful 20 minutes walk.

Community is at the centre of this experience. During this week you’ll have the opportunity to share and build connections and friendships for life. This retreat is an opportunity to remember the magnificence in you and leave ready to shine your light even brighter — to embody this way of being and imprint it in your mind so you can intentionally bring this energy into your daily life. Get ready for seven days filled with magical seascapes, beach hopping, creativity workshops, meditation, downtown strolls and candlelit circles which promise a summer time to remember!

THE practice

We’ve designed a week of workshops and activities to renew your energy and life force, helping you reconnect with your own wisdom, intuition and creativity. Each day will have two daily classes drawing from a variety of themes and practices such as circles, breathwork, intuitive healing, creativity awakening workshops, guided meditations, and a bit of yoga. All practices take place in our outdoor covered yogashala where the sound of waves and the scents of lavender and wild herbs offer all the zen needed to reignite your magic.

* No previous experience is required for any of the workshops or practices. Just come as you are!



Cat & Cata believe there is a different way to work and create in the world. And it’s a way that requires deep awareness of who we are at our core and of the divine source that is constantly flowing through, informing, nudging, lovingly showing us the path. It’s also a way that requires community. Like-hearted souls who are on our team. Peeps who also lean on you when things get tough for them, because that’s how intimacy works.

Catalina Vasquez has a life long history of being deeply connected to nature and the healing power of plants. Her work with plants has taken her to over 50 countries across the world, allowing her to bring the healing power of plants to new horizons and touch hundreds of souls. She lives by her mantra: all is sacred. Our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Through her plant centred workshops and meditations, she guides others to remember and embrace the sacredness of their life as the ultimate form of healing.

Catalina Lopera has had her world turned upside down by anxiety and depression —a journey that ultimately led her within in search of the Truth. She took to meditation and stillness, embodying a practice that has led her to understand our connection to Source, and the realisation that there are always infinite possibilities awaiting when we’re able to relax into life. Through her healing practices and meditations, she mentors others to live their truth by developing a deep connection with themselves in order to live the life they’re called to live.



  • Group pickup from Koufonisia port upon arrival & drop off on departure

  • Sea-kayaking to the uninhabited Kato Koufonisi

  • Beach time

  • Yoga equipment (Manduka mats, straps, blocks, etc)

  • Snorkelling & Scuba diving (optional | extra cost)

  • Thai-style massages (optional | extra cost)

  • 7 island days / 6 nights - accommodation on a beachfront yoga resort

  • 3 vegetarian meals - Catered by our private chef Esco

  • Daily morning & evening guided meditation

  • Creativity Awakening Workshops

  • Cooking Class

  • Fresh produce of fruits and vegetables


Our Koufonisia nutrition is catered by our private chef Esco Essence. Esco is a passionate vegan chef and a raw food artist. His approach to longevity and happiness is based on three components: physical practice (yoga asana), conscious eating (raw / vegan) and mental exercise (mindfulness).

Esco uses the freshest daily produce from Koufonisia and the nearby islands to prepare each meal and there’re always gluten-free alternatives. He makes his own bread and nut based milks, as well as his famous granola, smoothies and herbal infusions. Each dinner is a big gathering around the table where we taste Esco’s specialty, finishing off the day with a small innocent desert for a sweet night’s sleep.




  • Lower level room with two single beds & shared bathroom -- 1.950€ per person

  • Sea view room with two single beds & shared bathroom -- 2.290€ per person


  • Lower level loom with Queen size bed & ensuite bathroom -- 1.600€ per person

  • Sea view Junior Suite with Queen size bed & ensuite bathroom -- 2.200€ per person

* Suggested for couples, friends & family who want to share the same bed :)


  • Lower level room with Queen size bed & open ensuite bathroom -- 2.900€

  • Sea view Junior Suite with Queen size bed & ensuite bathroom -- 3.450€


Our Island Yoga Resort consists of two beachfront villas overlooking one of the most dreamy beaches of the island. The location is ideal to walk everywhere you want and explore! The beach is just 10 minutes away on foot while the lil town is a beautiful 30 minutes walk. The villas blend harmoniously with the raw landscape of Koufonisia and their large outdoor spaces and patios are ideal for lazy afternoon siestas and reading. The zen atmosphere of the resort is completed with a covered outdoor yogashala and a thai-massage room, both made with natural materials. Click for more images.


Koufonisia (code KOU) can be reached via boat from Santorini (code JTR), Mykonos (code JMK) or Athens. We suggest that you fly directly either to Santorini or to Mykonos airport. From there you take the boat to Koufonisia which is a much shorter boat ride than taking the boat from Athens.

Tickets can be booked online at

We advise our guests to allow one day prior and after the retreat for their travelling.

Suggested arrival options on the 20th of July

  • From Santorini port (code JTR) to Koufonisia (code KOU) | departure: 12.45 - arrival: 14.30 | boat name: Sea Jet 2

  • From Piraeus port in Athens (code PIR) to Koufonisia (code KOU) | departure: 07.01 - arrival: 14.30 | boat name: Sea Jet 2

Departure options on the 26th July

  • From Koufonisia (code KOU) to Santorini port (code JTR) | departure: 17.00 - arrival: 18.45 | boat name: Sea Jet 2

  • From Koufonisia (code KOU) to Piraeus port in Athens (code PIR) | departure: 17.00 - arrival: 22.55 | boat name: Sea Jet 2

* Please keep in mind that this is the current boat timetable and there might be changes closer to the summer season. We suggest that you check back again at before booking your itinerary.

*Flights are not included in the retreat prices mentioned above.