The perfect combination of silent luxury and island zen. Our take on Mykonos is to release all senses and reveal the gentle side of the island that only few people know. We've shaped a tailored-made journey of Mykonos finest places, in a state-of-the-art villa and a bespoke list of the best spots & treats. Ready to indulge? 

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Welcome to the most exciting Greek island! Here, days have rhythm and nights are mellow. We have the privilege to enjoy the island without the big crowds and appreciate its natural beauty.

Mykonos vibrancy is revealed on every step you take. Getting lost into the famous whitewashed labyrinth of Chora, walking barefoot on its velvet sandy beaches or dancing into the joy of just being here & now. This island has everything your heart desires to live. 


MYKONOS at its best




When in Mykonos spoiling the self is a natural necessity. Lazy power-naps poolside, a glass of vino at sunset, a slice of raw brownie, and other life's pleasures are part of the experience.

Our Mykonos retreats are famous for their improvisation aspects. From hiking tours to Greek food workshops led by our nutritionist, and impromptu DJ yoga parties, everything can happen.

Classes take place both indoors & outdoors in our open terrace where the word breathtaking gets a whole new meaning.

Evenings taste of Mykonos recipes which get a healthy twist, until the night comes and you find yourself wrapped up in a yoga nidra circle or swaying in the alleys of down town Mykonos. 

Every time your gaze lifts a big blue reveals






A sailing trip to the sacred island of Delos followed by a dive at the turquoise waters of the uninhabited Rhenia island is always a must! Ancient temples, gods stories and watermelon on board are part of the experience too!

Release your inner muse under the bohemian vibes of Mykonos nicest beach bars, Scorpios & Alemagou. Relax on lounges by the sea or dance the night away. 

Downtown Mykonos is an experience on its own. Hundreds of small alleys lead to different places, concept stores, hidden restaurants.

We'll guide you to the best



You've landed in a white heaven where a sense of space and light transcends every room. You think it's a dream but it's not. It's our villa in Mykonos where minimalist architecture meets island luxury.

Our villa unfolds in three levels of white space where every practice becomes a journey through light.

White blends with the blue and a seawater infinity pool unfolds from indoors to outdoors, giving its place to the Aegean blue. Relax at the big sun-lounges with a cold-pressed juice and your favourite book. 

Each room is a spacious junior suite with a view to the endless blue, and some with direct access to the pool. Big living rooms and comfy lounges await for you to relax & unwind. Check it out!




TRAVEL TO mykonos

Mykonos has its own airport (JMK) and it's well connected with several International destinations. Alternatively, you can reach Mykonos via boat, through either the port of Piraeus (PIR) or Rafina (RAF).

Piraeus port is a 60 minutes drive from the airport, also accessible via metro, and the fast boat trip duration is 2hours 40min to the island. Rafina is a smaller port, and is a 30 minutes drive from the airport, only accessible via taxi. The duration of the fast boat trip to the island is 2hours 30min.

Ferry timetables and tickets for both ports, can be found here.

* We suggest our guests travelling by boat, to allow one day before and after the retreat for their travelling.





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