We proudly present you our summer accolades who support and enrich our retreats with their products. You'll find them in your goodie bags and you'll also get a taste throughout our retreats. Those are handpicked and tried & tested brands that speak to our hearts and bring the best of Greek summer to our experiences. We're sure that you'll love them as much as we do!



APIVITA natural cosmetics brings the best of Greek nature into their products. All our villas are equipped with APIVITA toiletries which will rejuvenate every post-yoga or beach-time shower. A lil gift is also on your goodie bag!


Our water-proof Blue White pouches are the most essential thing in our luggage. Those handcrafted accessories are produced in Greece and the patterns are silkscreen hand-printed exclusively in blue and white colors. 


Sea You Soon premium towels is our favourite beach accessory. Created by local weavers and tassel-makers in Greece and Turkey, they can also be used as a beach mat, a sarong or cover up, making them the ideal beach companion.


Ethos juices is the secret potion that keep us going on every sweaty morning yoga session. Cold pressed, delicious, raw, locally produced, lovingly prepared and carefully packaged goodness for our soul. Total bliss!


Sophia Mamas is the creator of Sorbet Bracelets, a jewellery brand that believes summer is in the inside. The first collection was inspired by Sophia's holidays in Mykonos & we couldn't but to include them on every retreat.


Oreanthi Herbal Tea Collection encapsulates the abundance of Greek nature into their tea bags. Those tea blends of wild herbs, flowers and plants bring a taste of Greece's mountains, gorges, valleys, rivers and islands into every sip.