FYKIADA is a group of seaweeds.

Seaweeds grow with the sunlight. They are autonomous organisations which expand altogether and always next to each other.
A seaweed is never alone.

FYKIADA stands for cleanness and wellness, for open seas and crystal clear waters, for natural growth and expansion through movement and light.

FYKIADA is also the name of a tiny beach in Kythnos island where everything started once upon a time, the summer of 2014...


Suggested Arrival: Fly directly to Mykonos on the 26th of August and catch the Sea Jet boat from Mykonos port at 15.20 which will arrive at Koufonisia at 17.00.

Suggested Departure: There is no boat from Koufonisia to Mykonos on the 31st August, but there is a boat on the 1st of September that departs from Koufonisia at 14:40 and reaches Mykonos at 16:10. For accommodation options in Koufonisia feel free to ask us.

Alternative Arrival options on the 27th of August

  • From Naxos port to Koufonisia | departure 16:10 - arrival: 16:50 | boat Sea Jet2

  • From Santorini port to Koufonisia | departure: 12.45 - arrival: 17.00 | boat: Sea Jet 2

  • From Piraeus port (Athens) to Koufonisia | departure: 07.15 - arrival: 12.10 | boat: High Speed 4

Alternative Departure options on the 1st September

  • From Koufonisia to Naxos port | departure: 12:30 - arrival: 13:20 | boat: High Speed 4

  • From Koufonisia to Santorini port | departure: 17.00 - arrival: 18.45 | boat: Sea Jet 2

  • From Koufonisia to Piraeus port (Athens) | departure: 12.30 - arrival: 17.30 | boat: High Speed 4

  • From Koufonisia to Piraeus port (Athens) | departure: 17.00 - arrival: 00.00 | boat: Sea Jet 2