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What 'fykiada' means:

FYKIADA is a group of seaweeds.

Seaweeds grow with the sunlight. They are autonomous organisations which expand altogether and always next to each other.
A seaweed is never alone.

FYKIADA stands for cleanness and wellness, for open seas and crystal clear waters, for natural growth and expansion through movement and light.

FYKIADA is also the name of a tiny beach in Kythnos island where everything started once upon a time, the summer of 2014...


Our retreats go beyond beautiful settings to where island living has local at heart

Having spent most of our summers in Cyclades islands our retreats draw upon our childhood memories. The absolute freedom of the first dive, the sweetness of a salty watermelon, the failed handstands in the sand, and the joy of having nothing to worry about than your forgotten sunglasses. 

Tracing back to those feelings we wanted to revive our island memories and share them with anyone who seeks the same simplicity in things.  

Join our yoga journey for a true exploration of Greek island culture and sea adventures!

Love & salt

Anna & Eranthi