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What really means to retreat?

Fykiada Retreats go beyond beautiful settings, dreamy island landscapes and insta cool yoga poses. As much as we’re kids of the new age travel we also appreciate authentic island living that has local at heart. 

Our team originates from the Cyclades and having also lived abroad in colder climates we learnt what really gets you through those tough winters. 

It draws upon our childhood summer memories. The joy of a dive from a high rock, a secret cave that suddenly appears, a sunset hike, a balo dance in an impromptu fiesta, the failed handstands in the sand, and the leftover juices of a fresh greek salad.

Tracing back to those feelings we wanted to honour our memories and share them with people who seek the same simplicity in things. 

With people who value true connection with the place they visit, with travellers and adventurers. 

Join us on our next retreat!

Anna & Eranthi