barefoot & sunkissed 

By the time the boat arrives on the tiny port of Koufonisia you can take off your shoes and never wear them again. That's the spirit of the island - carefree and easy! Walk everywhere you want, swim from one beach to another, and be on your swimsuit all day long. The meaning of vacationing condensed on a small Cyclades island. This is the absolute hideaway for those who want to escape the ordinary and get a taste of what real island life means! By the time you leave you'll be a local!

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Can you feel the soft breeze in your hair? The lightness of the water at your feet as you sway in your hammock? Then you're half way there.

Koufonisia is a pair of two secluded islands (Kato & Pano Koufonisi) which look like heaven. Imagine turquoise waters, moon-shaped caves and a small whitewashed Chora where everyone meet. This is an almost no car island as everything is within walking distance. Nothing can disturb the calmness of your precious holiday.

What is really appreciated here is the sense of freedom that this island has. You can walk everywhere, hideaway in sandy beaches and explore secret paths.


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At Koufonisia the days pass by the sea. After your morning class you can walk down to the sandy beach of Pori and enjoy an early swim before you taste our delicious breakfast full of local goodness. 

Sea-activities are highly recommended if you feel like exploring the glittery waters of the island. Our team is always on site to suggest what's best to do depending on the weather and your preferable type of adventure. 

A plant-based nutrition is daily prepared by our vegan food expert Esco Essence. Wait till you try his nut-milks and homemade granola and everything you knew about vegan diet will change.




refresh island flow

27 Aug - 1 Sept | Anna & Eleni | SOLD OUT

the joy of flow

2 - 7 September | Sjana Elise | 3 SPOTS




Our day trip with Sea-Kayaks to the uninhabited Kato Koufonisi island is a highlight! We stop over at remote coves, pass through secret caves and dive at the crystal clear waters of Kato Koufonisi where there's no name of blue to describe them.  

Short hikes to the nearby beaches is also a must as you can walk from one bay to another. 'Italida' beach and 'Milk' - named by the white colours of the water - are the most famous ones. 

A day visit to the nearby island of Amorgos where the movie Big Blue was shot is always a great idea for those who want to make the most of their travel. 

go island-hopping at the nearby islands


A boho-chic STAY

You're literally living by the sea! You can feel it in the air, in the salty breeze and every time you open your eyes to gaze the endless blue. Our two Cycladic-style villas are just 5 minutes walk away from the nicest beach of the island. 

Big outdoor lounges, open terraces and bamboo shaded patios create comfy corners for you to relax at any time of the day. A large island-style kitchen is ideal for big gatherings and food workshops by our private chef.

Yoga finds a new meaning when practiced in our outdoor covered yogashala, especially when it's followed by a Thai-massage at the next-door massage room. Check it out!





Koufonisia belongs to the Cyclades islands and can only be accessed via boat. The island is well-connected with the port of Athens (Piraeus), Santorini and Mykonos.

Piraeus port is a 60 minutes drive from the Athens International Airport, also accessible via metro, and the fast boat trip duration is 3hours 30min to the island. From Mykonos the boat trip duration is 1 hour 30min and from Santorini 4hours.

Ferry timetables and tickets for both ports, can be found here.

* We advise our guests to allow one day before and after the retreat for their travelling.



  • Naxos is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades and famous for its local delicacies. | 40min with the Sea Jet ferry

  • Amorgos is the famous island where the movie Big Blue was shoot. On a day trip, you can visit the amazing monastery of Chozoviotissa and then swim at the stunning beach of Agia Anna. You'll be back at Koufonisi by late afternoon. | 40min with the Blue Star ferry

  • Donousa is a tiny beautiful island. Reach Kedros beach which is on a short hike from the port and you might want to spend the rest of your summer there. | 1h with the Skopelitis ferry

  • Iraklia is another special little island with a lovely Chora and crystal clear waters. You can even swim at its port! | 50min with the Blue Star ferry