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"Spent a great week in Koufonisia with the Fykiada team. Great Yoga sessions, amazing food and beautiful sights around the island with the activities that Eranthi & Anna had organised. Definitely recommended for both men & women!"

- Jason Spanomanolis | Greece | Koufonisia 2018

"I enjoyed my time in Mykonos. There was something about returning my second time that made it especially sweet.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your busy season! There is so much that goes into it, and you handle it well, and I am sure it will only continue to get better."

- Laruga Glaser | Stockholm | Retreat Leader | Mykonos 2018


"Dear Anna & Eranthi, 

Thank you so much for sharing this space and yourselves with us; your love for what you do really shines through.

it's an inspiration to me to look beyond city life and take the time to enjoy and cultivate the things that make life truly rewarding. Thank you for the litteral (and metaphorical) sunshine! Yamas!"

- Emma | London | Kythnos 2017


"Thank you Fykiada Retreats & Laruga! It's been surreal. It's been a remarkable, fun and transformational week.

I have fallen in love with Mykonos. Until next time!"

- Serena Tom | Mykonos 2017


"Thank you Anna and Eranthi for hosting this out-of-the-world retreat in Mykonos! From yoga classes facing the sea, chill sessions by the pool, delicious organic meals and the special activities that only locals will know.

I felt like I discovered the best side of Mykonos and rediscovered the pleasure of taking care of ourselves.

Not to forget the friendships that last beyond the retreat! You girls are just amazing :)"

- Jasmine Ng | Paris | Mykonos 2017


"My Greek Goddesses! I cannot even begin to describe just how grateful i am to have been able to collaborate with you both on this magical retreat.

The both of you make such an incredible team, and your love and passion is transmitted so authentically in every single detail.

I am leaving today feeling loved, respected and rested, and i am so excited to have made new friends in you both. Until next year, if not sooner! All my love & blessings. xxx"

- Adrianna Zaccardi | London | Retreat Teacher | Kythnos 2017


"Thank you for a wonderful week. It has been such a special trip and it is such a special island and villa.

Your love and warmth comes through in everything you do.

You both have such beautiful calm energy. Hopefully i will see you next year. Love & light."

- Lucy Higson | London | Kythnos 2017


"I'm still buzzing with gratitude for the wonderful time we had.

The connections that were made, the breakthroughs that were had, the honesty, the playfulness, the vulnerability.

My intention was to set a tone of authenticity. To allow everyone the space to truly BE themselves. And the girls who put this together couldn't have done a better job. Everything went so smoothly and we were all devastated to part ways. UNTIL NEXT TIME MYKONOS. I'll definitely be back."

- Miki Ash | LA | Retreat Teacher | Mykonos 2017


"On the last day of the retreat we learned that the word "Fykiada" in Greek means a group of seaweeds that grows together with the light.

So grateful and humbled to have met a couple of soulmates, laughed through a ton of tears, and to have made memories of a lifetime. Thank you Fykiada Retreats and Miki Ash for leading the way."

- Hilary Yu | Vancouver | Mykonos 2017


Your Mykonos Villa is such a wonderful place! Your mindful and loving way to arrange just perfect food and the best time for us is just yoga and makes me very grateful!!

- Manon | Mykonos 2017 


"I am truly thankful for your amazing food, energy, local knowledge, wisdom & smiles.

Thank you for this wonderful retreat. We all enjoyed it so much & I can't wait to start planning our next one! Light & love :)"

- Sally Anne Reynolds | Retreat Teacher | Kythnos 2017


Words cannot express the gratitude i have for Fykiada Retreats. Thank you for an unforgettable once in a lifetime retreat. I am forever touched by these amazing women and the unique movement that Adrianna Zaccardi brought to our lives. My heart is full... FEEL. This isn't goodbye.. We will see each other again. {04.09.2017}

- Renee Lee | Kythnos 2017


I just want to thank Fykiada Retreats for organizing a beautiful week. It was my first time in Mykonos or the Greek islands for that matter, as i have visited Athens on two occasions. This retreat was an intimate setting with a limit of only 12 guests which made it even more special, quite and simple. No matter how big or small, I always enjoy sharing the practice of Ashtanga yoga but small groups like this give another sweetness. With skies so blue it seems unreal, Mykonos i will miss you!

- Laruga Glaser | Retreat Teacher  |  Mykonos 2017


Thank you for providing an amazing experience that i find hard to put into few words. For the genuine conversations. for authenticity in every way. For the amazing energy. For the gorgeous women, friendships, Aegean Sea, sun, sea, food, Kythnos that we were surrounded by and my new obsession with everything GREEK, tahini included. Absolute bliss. It was simply beautiful.. Thank you, truly.

- Julie Shui | Kythnos 2017


"I've had the most beautiful time in the most beautiful place practicing Ashtanga with amazing women!"

- Grace Chatto | Mykonos 2017


"There could have not been a better place for us or lovlier people to spend our mother, daughter week with. Thank you for all your loving attention to detail and for making us feel like we're home. We can't wait to join you an another retreat!"

- Lotus & Nadine | Kythnos 2017


"If you are looking for a healthy vacay that serves as an investment look no further. Had the most amazing retreat experience in Greece taught by my fave yoga teacher/ angel Miki with Fykiada Retreats who are the best/ sweetest."

- Logan Hollowell | Mykonos 2017


"i had the most magical time! Thank you so much for your warmth & wonderful hospitality :) I'll remember this time & your beautiful smile :)"

- Ying | Kythnos 2017


"I am so grateful to experience your warm hospitality and especially I am grateful to you for introducing all of us to Kythnos. It's a magical little hidden gem.It would be a dream to come to one of your retreats next year, to soak in the island sunshine, meet wonderful people, and eat delicious Greek food"

- Katya Beidar | Kythnos 2017


"Words cannot express the unparalleled experience I had at FYKIADA Retreats in Kythnos. Anna and Eranthi are the most AMAZING hosts and beyond hostpitable. This retreat was more than just yoga. It was an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience. From the stunning secluded villa, the hand selected yoga instructor, the authentic Greek dishes, and the friendships that you will make... you won't leave Kythnos the same."

- Adrianna's guest | Kythnos, 2017


"Thank you for your incredibly generous hospitality and kindness. Youhave made us feel welcome and at home. What more could you want?"

- Louise | Kythnos 2017


"Unique experience in a wonderful environment created by Anna and Eranthi! I could not have planned my dream holiday better :)"

- Kasia | Mykonos, 2017

"Thank you very much for such a beautiful retreat! Everything was excellent: the yoga practice, the food, the room and the beach! Also little extras, like small presents and various small tasks like the creative writing, added a really nice atmosphere during our stay in Kythnos. I would definitely love to come back as you created a small paradise on this retreat!"

- Natalia | Kythnos 2016


"Beautiful, magical Fykiada Goddesses! Thank you for yet another amazing retreat together. I loved every minute of it. You are so special & what you offer is such a gift! Love you to the MOON & back!"

- Lucy McCarthy Bruegger | Retreat Teacher | Kythnos 2017


"Truly an amazing experience! THANK YOU! My first retreat, more to come!"

- Stefanie | Kythnos 2017


"This truly is a magical place; with such beautiful hosts and gorgeous environment, its the perfect space to let go and indulge in that all important 'you time'.  Couldnt have wished for more!"

-   Adrianna's guest | Kythnos, 2017


"The best people, place and teacher. Can't ask for better, there is no better than this."

-  Laruga's guest | Mykonos. 2017